About us

Inaugurated in 1997, Guangzhou LuFeng is the renowned proprietor of a  resourceful R&D center and a proficient production base. Manufacturer and supplier belt press for sludge dewatering and squeeze belt press for residue dewatering.

LuFeng dewatering system is designed for performance and built for stability. Associated features include outstanding dewatering efficiency, high corrosion resistance, low shipping cost, intuitive operation and easy maintenance. Responsible for resolving over 50 dewatering issues with sludge and residues, our dewatering machines have now been implemented across more than 20 provinces and other Countries. Such as America,  Mexico, Serbia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. This range of dewatering equipment has received critical acclaim due to their outstanding cost performance.

Sludge treatment application range :

Domestic sewage sludge, papermaking sludge, Textile printing and dyeing sludge, leather waster water sludge, papermaking tail slurry, tailings, mineral dressing tailings, food factory activated sludge, Electronics factory Circuit board sludge, Ceramic Sewage sludge, Marble polishing sludge, Electroplate sewage sludge, Washed kaolin sludge, Coal washery coal dewatering, Industrial metal Acidsludge, steel making sludge,Construction piling sludge, silting, Electro ceramics sludge, Chemical plant organic sludge and ect.

Residues application range:

The root, stem, leaf, fruit of plant, after Grinding process, the belt press machine can extracting juice from the material. The material such as: Alcohol residue, Beer residue, Cassava residue, Sweet potato residue, Corn residue, Sugarcane residue, Traditional Chinesemedicine residue, apple, peel, pineapple and other fruits residue, tea residue, wood pulp,coconut peat, and paper pulp fibre and ect.